Mar 042014

Chandelier Wedding Cakes and Hanging Centerpieces

Cakes and Sweets, Decor Comments Off on Chandelier Wedding Cakes and Hanging Centerpieces

Some of this year’s hottest trends include hanging chandelier cakes and hanging centerpieces. We think they’re pretty gorgeous to look at but can’t imagine the time and effort that goes into them! Just look at all the detail and special touches each cake has and then think of adding an element of being suspended from a ceiling! Suspended wedding cakes are usually held up by a specialty swing-like suspension from the ceiling. Here are some photos of realistic hanging wedding cakes that are not only gravity-defying but also sure to impress all your guests! We think they’re beautiful, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We’ve even seen hanging cupcakes, which we thought were pretty darn cute if done the right way!

Another breathtaking trend that is extremely popular is hanging centerpieces above the wedding reception tables. They can be hugely ornate or simply chic, it’s up to the bride. We love this trend and think it’s going to be one that will stay! Here are a few photos to show off some of these beautiful centerpieces. Tell us what you think about these two gravity-defying trends!

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