Jul 212015

Save the date for Global Diamonds 1st Annual Summer Spectacular!

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July 31 through August 2, the entire showroom will be 20% off!

For more information, visit: http://globaldiamondsusa.com/news/summer-spectacular-2015/

Nov 102013

Shopping for Wedding Rings in Jacksonville

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Wedding ring shopping is an exciting shopping trip that couples can do together.  These are the rings that show the world you husband and wife.  Here are a couple tips that can make your search easier.


Start early, and do your research. Buy your rings 2-4 months before your wedding so that you have time for engraving, if desired, and some cushion in case there are any delays. If you are thinking about having custom rings designed, start looking 4-6 months before the big day, or earlier! Find a good, reputable jeweler, educate yourself on metals and diamonds, and start evaluating your likes and dislikes.

            Think long-term. If you intend to keep your rings forever, consider settling on a more classic style, versus something trendy. On the other hand, many couples are now giving their rings an “update” on your five, ten or twenty year anniversary – in which case, go for what you love right now, trendy or not!

            Be clear about your budget. You may have heard the guideline, “spend about two months salary” on the engagement ring. While this gives you a ballpark amount to consider, the bottom line is: find an amount you are comfortable with and stick with it. Make sure you talk about the budget with your honey before you start shopping…that way you know where to start in the store.

            To match, or not to match?  This is the question that many couples face…and there is no right or wrong answer. If it’s important to you that you both have matching wedding bands, then by all means, do it! Just know that it’s not a requirement, and regardless of the jewelry, you’ll always know who belongs to whom. Each person has to look at and wear their ring for the rest of their lives…you need to enjoy it!

            Consider your lifestyle. Confused about what style of wedding band you should pick?  Active, dressy, casual or formal… Consider how you live, and the activities you engage in, as you think about what you want to wear on your ring finger for the rest of your life.

            Smart sizing. To be most accurate, don’t have your finger sized first thing in the morning, just after exercising, or when your body temperature is quite hot or cold. 

Good luck and happy ring shopping!

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