Oct 302018

Custom Designed Wedding Rings and Beautifully Engraved Gifts from Your Local Jacksonville Jeweler

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Established in 1984, Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs® is the world’s largest and most trusted consumer choice for jewelry, watch and smartphone repair services as well as custom jewelry design and personalized engraving services. Fast-Fix has over 150 locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Each store is staffed with some of the industry’s best jewelers, watchmakers, watch repair professionals and smartphone technicians who provide superior quality services. Today we are highlighting our local Fast Fix Jewelers located at The St. Johns Town Center and The Avenues Mall.

Services include a full list of jewelry repairs, including; ring sizing, necklace and bracelet repair, diamond or gemstone replacement, shank repair or replacement, prong retip, head replacement, bead restringing and more. Their watch repairs include; battery replacement, link removal, crystal replacement, hand repairs, marker reset, movement replacement overhauls and more.

Brides are encouraged to shop the store for items such as custom ring designs and custom orders. They also have wedding gifts and items in stock that can be engraved within a day.

The store has an incredible engraving machine so they can engrave on almost anything.   Brides can bring in a nice vase to be engraved for the parents gift or even bottles of wine or champagne.

Fast Fix also carries the beautiful David Yurman line as well as Seiko watches.

Come into the store today to see how Fast Fix can help make your wedding day incredibly special!

Business Highlight: Fast Fix Jewelry Repair
Category of Business: Jewelry 
Number of Years in Business: 23 years
Address: St. Johns Town Center Location – 4668 Town Crossing Drive, Suite 109 Located in the St. Johns Town Center
Phone Number: 904-641-7545
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Avenues Mall Location -10300 Southside Blvd, Suite 130A
Phone Number: 904-519-9666
Jacksonville, FL 32255


Jul 252017

Unique Wedding Transportation at its Finest

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Future Black Car LLC is Jacksonville’s first zero-emissions luxury chauffeur service. Their number one priority is to provide you with a timely, professional, and superb black car experience. Schedule your time, place and destination, and they’ll provide you with a black car experience unlike any other. With Future Black Car you know what you’re getting every time, the best transportation service that money can buy, all at an affordable rate that can easily be paid for via credit card (online or in-person).

While getting married might be one of the most important decisions of your life, choosing Future Black Car to be your wedding transportation provider is the easiest the decision you’ll ever make! Schedule with Future Black Car for your wedding today, and make the first day of the rest of your lives together a memorable one! Our fleet includes the following:

We spoke with Eric Carcia, owner of Future Black Cars LLC, and here is what he had to say about his business and his love for what he does.

What do you love the very most about what you do? : I love being my own boss and getting an opportunity to meet great people while driving Tesla’s all day. The cars are a tremendous pleasure to drive, and clients who have never ridden in a Tesla before almost always come away with a great experience because aside from the great service we offer, they’re also getting an opportunity to experience the car and car service of the future.

Will you be on-site during the entire reception until the very end? Our minimum time for wedding services is 2 hours, clients have the convenience of booking us through our website (FutureBlackCar.com) for however many hours they’ll need us for, while we’re on the clock we’ll be providing any transportation needs for the bride and groom, and will be on constant standby to assist with any other services they may need during our time there.

Tell the brides-to- be your best wedding advice. : When it comes to planning your transportation services for the wedding, it’s always best to book as soon as possible to ensure you’ll have the car/service you want on your wedding day.

What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry? : We’re the only luxury transportation service in Northeast Florida that’s fleet consists entirely of Tesla luxury electric vehicles. Our website has also been upgraded recently thanks to our web developer Appsoft, so clients now have the convenience of being able to schedule and pay for our services online by credit card through our website (FutureBlackCar.com).

In a few weeks, we’ll also have our own App for both Android & Apple so clients will be able to easily schedule either of our services (For the distance / For the hour) as easily as they can book other popular rideshare services from their smartphone.

We also have a straightforward pricing structure, so whether the client needs us to transport them to a specific location, or wants us to be their transportation service on standby for 2 hours or more (for weddings, anniversaries, or other special events), they can go to the following page (https://futureblackcar.com/pricing/) to view our pricing structure, and then by booking online the scheduler will automatically calculate and let them know exactly how much the services they want will cost.

What is your favorite product or service that you offer brides? Please describe it. : Our wedding services with the Model X is always a special occasion, the opening of the falcon doors are sure to wow the wedding audience, both when the bride makes her entrance, and/or when the bride and groom leave together. It’s a very unique and special moment that really adds to significance of the wedding ceremony.

Do you offer any other products or services? : Included in our transportation services are complimentary bottles of water, portable chargers for your smartphone (Android & Apple), the music of your choice (virtually any band or song you can think of), and use of our high-speed mobile Wi-Fi upon request. Although we’re not professional photographers, if the bride / groom, or a group at the reception wants us to take a picture, we’re glad to assist with that and anything else we can help with during our time there.

Will you have an assistant during the wedding? : No, our hourly services includes 1 driver for each vehicle, but the bride/groom is always free to schedule both vehicles if they have a need to transport more than 6 people at a time or would like both vehicles at their reception for any reason.

How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding? As soon as possible to ensure the vehicle(s) they want will be available during the day/time of their wedding. We also specialize in transportation for airport transfers, concerts/shows, and sporting events, so I highly recommend that the bride/groom go to our website (FutureBlackCar.com) or call/text me (904-537-5820) as soon as they think/know they want to use our services, so we can confirm with them right away if the vehicle(s) of their choice are available during the day/time of their wedding.

What are some of your specialties? : Aside from weddings, our business specializes in airport transfers, concert/shows transportation, sporting events transportation, and other special occasions (anniversary’s, business events, etc.).

What are 5 adjectives that describe you and/or your business? : Professional, punctual, honest, convenient and excellent


Contact Information:

Name of Business: Future Black Car, LLC

Category of Business: Limo / Black Car Service / Luxury Transportation Service

Contact Information: Eric Carcia, eric@futureblackcar.com

Jan 142016

Wedding Video Drones – What You Need to Know

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What is it? A bird? A plane? Superman?

No it’s a drone, and my goodness, they are EVERYWHERE. Offering a new perspective on your special day, these devices are irresistible, and extremely accessible, even for the most novice of wedding videographers. However, there are a few things to consider before allowing your wedding video to take flight.


1. Certifications: First of all, your wedding videographer must have FAA certification to fly any sort of drone for commercial use. Most videographers get by without this exemption because they are considered “hobbyists.” For example, if your Uncle Larry wants to fly the drone at your wedding for a good meal, that’s fine. However, as soon as you pay your videographer, they are now considered commercial, and in order to fly commercially the FAA or Federal Aviation Authority requires them to have a section 333 exemption, which proves that the drone pilot or the company in question has met all of the requirements to legally fly their drone.

What if my videographer says he doesn’t need a 333 exemption to fly, what should I do?

This exemption is a legal requirement, meaning if you hire someone who is not licensed to fly a drone at your wedding and something happens to cause injury or damage, it will not be covered by insurance, and you could be help liable to for any costs.


2. Experience: Ask to see a reel of their drone work. If they don’t have a specific reel for their drone flights, or their reel lacks variety, it could mean that they don’t have much experience with flying their drones; and an inexperienced drone pilot could prove to be a dark storm cloud on your special day.


3. Quality: Even though drones are new to the consumer market, the market is saturated with many different kinds of drones. Some shoot with a GoPro, which produces a bubble-shaped, fisheye shot. Others shoot high quality resolution, which usually matches the cameras on the ground better. This allows for seamlesstransitions from ground shots to aerial shots.


Also keep in mind, just because a videographer may be excellent shooters on the ground, it does not always mean that they are excellent in the sky. Just be sure to do your homework and rely on your expertise to choose the right videographer to capture your special day. After all, this is your day, and with this information, you know what to look for.


Ethan Moews of Spark Media

May 072015

Wedding Tip: Send Celebrities Wedding Invitations

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Have you ever thought about sending a wedding invitation to a celebrity, public figure or fictional character?  Well, if the thought has never crossed your mind…you might want to think about it because some mailbox excitement could happen to you!

Did you know if you send a wedding invitation to Mickey and Minne Mouse you will receive an autograph picture back in the mail?  It’s true!

What about the President of the United States of America?  If you send one to the most popular address in America you will get congratulations back in the mail!


If you are Catholic, the Vatican has been known to answer wedding invitations on behalf of the Pope too!
British?  Yes, the Queen has responded….and even showed up at a wedding in England!

But that is not all….

Other celebrities, sports figures, musicians and public figures have been known to return RSVP’s, send photos, gifts, or stop by the wedding.  So, what should you do if you want to send wedding invitations to some A list stars?  First step, order more wedding invitations then you need.  Second, find their fan club or official mailing address. Third, stick a stamp on it and cross your fingers for a response.  The worst that could happen is you could end up with a cool wedding souvenir!

Here is a list of address we found to help you out:

Mickey & Minnie Mouse
The Magic Kingdom
1675 North Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

President Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Rm. 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Cinderella and Prince Charming
P.O. Box 1000
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

Other DISNEY Characters (Insert Name)
Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Pope Francis
Prefettura della Casa Pontifica
00210 Citta del Vaticano, Italia
The Secretary to Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London, England SW1A 1AA
Some other celebrity suggestions…
Oprah Winfrey
Harpo Productions
P.O. Box 909715
Chicago, IL 60690
Ellen DeGeneres
Attn: Fan Mail
P.O. Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91522

If you have a particular athlete, actor, actress, musician, author or sports team, this website has compiled their official mailing address for fans!  Check it out here:  fanmail.biz

Since the Jacksonville Jaguars is our only major league sports team in the area, send one to the Jags, Jaxson De Ville, Mr. Shad Khan or Gus Bradley and see if you get a response!
Jacksonville Jaguars
EverBank Field
1 Everbank Field Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32202-1928

Good luck and share your RSVP’s if you get a reply!

Make sure you check out our next wedding expo…click here for details!

Nov 042013

Wedding Guest Books

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Every bride and groom have a guest “book” at their wedding.  Although the traditional book as virtually been replaced with creative ones.

If you are planning a wedding the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island  or anywhere in United States for that matter….here are some creative ways to capture your wedding attendance!

Do you have another creative way to to sign your guests into your wedding?  Please share!

Use the guests thumb prints to make a picture that follows your wedding theme!

Have your guests leave some wise words of wisdom for you on marriage, love or the key to happiness!


Have your guests select a word from the dictionary that describes you and your husband, tag the page and sign!


Create a book from your engagement pictures and have the guests sign the pages!


Have your guest sign a picture frame that will hold your wedding photo!


World traveler? Have your guests sign a globe!


Have a photobooth at your wedding. Most photobooth companies will put together a book of the photos on the spot, the guests signs the pages!


Crafty? Have the guests sign fabric and make a quilt out of the pieces!


Dec 302012

Premier Bride of Northeast Florida is on Pinterest!

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We just started our new Pinterest Account!  Follow us and keep up on our great wedding inspiration images that we will be sharing and posting!

All of our wedding images will be local to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Amelia Island, Orange Park, Palm Coast and Southern Georgia!

Click HERE for our Pinterest Account!

Nov 302012

Brooch Bouquets by Carole Clifford or BBs by CC

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Brooch Bouquets by Carole Clifford  (BBs by CC)

Your wedding bouquets and/or other events where a unique “floral” arrangement is desired

Here is a little bit about Carole and her Brooch Bouquets

I am the only designer of brooch bouquets in Northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.  I provide all the jewelry pieces needed for each bouquet, but I also encourage the brides to ask family members and friends to contribute pieces for their bouquet to create a true family heirloom.

Absolutely adore designing the perfect bouquet for each individual bride. Seeing their eyes light up when they see the final bouquet makes the whole process a delight!!

One bride had brooches from five generations of her family included in her bouquet … a definite family heirloom!  Another bride was given all the pieces for her bouquet by her sorority sisters at a “brooch shower”.

Advice Carole gives her brides…

Relax and enjoy the day, it goes by so quickly.  Having been married for over 40 years helps me to assure the brides-to-be that they too can have a successful marriage!

Pricing on brooch bouquets…

Prices for the bouquets are based on the size and number of pieces that are included in the bouquet.  The petite bouquet (15-25 pieces), usually used for a flower girl is $150; the small (25-35 pieces) is $250; the medium(40-50 pieces) is $400; the large(50-60 pieces) is $500, and the extra-large(65-75 pieces) is $600.

I love encouraging the brides to ask grandparents, aunts, etc. to donate pieces for their bouquet or to ask their bridesmaids to host a brooch shower.

When should a bride contact you? 

A minimum of two months prior to the wedding.  This time allows the luxury of several meetings to refine jewelry choices and colors before the actual work begins.  Depending on size, it takes from 6 to 30 hours to design and construct the bouquet.

Do you offer any other products or services? 

Brooches can be purchased individually for inclusion in table decorations, cake decorations, bridesmaid gifts, etc.



Jul 192012

Unique Wedding Favors

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Check out these unique wedding favors you can give your guests!  Ever heard of Jones Soda?  You can now create custom labels that can be ordered directly from the company.  Choose one or a variety of your engagement photos, photos of you dating or pictures of you as kids to place on the labels.  Or if you want to get really creative….put your guests on the labels!

Even think about taking pictures with scenic backgrounds of Jacksonville, St. Augustine or the beaches!  This will be a great touch on your wedding day!

For more information click here Jones Soda Labels

Custom Labels

Jul 082012

Unique Wedding Ideas – Sports Fans

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Are you a huge sports fan or is your husband to be?  Many couples are looking for a “surprise” during their reception that will shock their guests and/or their new spouse.

If you are in search for that big surprise – consider hiring your favorite team mascot to make an appearance!  Maybe the two of you met at Florida State, Florida, University of North Florida, or University of Jacksonville.  Or if you are a big Jacksonville Jaguar Fan, have Jaxson De Ville himself make a special appearance! After all, he is the #1 mascot in the NFL!

Keep the surprise a surprise!  Just make sure you let your wedding photographers, videographers, planner and DJ know so they can help make the surprise even better!

Jaxson De Ville - Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot

Jul 072012

Unique Wedding Ideas – Seed Cards

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Looking for a really unique “Save the Date” or “Thank You” note wedding idea?  We have one for you….

You can purchase plantable seed cards made of handmade paper that have flower seeds in the paper.  Included a note explaining that they can plant the entire paper and watch the flowers grow.   You can be assured that every time they walk past the flowers, they will be thinking of you and your wedding day!

Make sure that you include the directions on what type of flowers, where you should plant them (sun, shade ect) and watering directions!

Ask your vendor what seeds would grow best in the Jacksonville area climate!

Plantable Wedding Invitations

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