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15 Wedding Cake Tips

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Here are 15 tips Premier Bride has when deciding who will bake your cake, what it will look like, and other fun options to consider!

There are many great bakers in the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park and Fernandina Beach area!  Check out or list of cake and sweet vendors with Premier Bride of Northeast Florida and the Premier Bride Expos!

  • If you decide on a tiered cake, use different flavors/fillings for each layer to appeal to more tastes and get a greater variety for you and your guests.

  • All cake bakers in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and the surrounding areas have cake tastings.  They allow you to preselect 3-5 flavors and fillings.  You get to taste test the cake and go over potential designs for your wedding cake.  Most cake tastings allow 2-3 people complimentary but additional guests will be charged.
  • Beware of cake bakers who do not bake the cake out of commercial kitchen and bake from home.  There are a lot of horror stories of wedding cakes gone wrong and hiring a baker with the proper licenses and insurance is the way to go!
  • Do you want an non-traditional grooms cake or wedding cake?  Chocolate fountains that offer milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate alternatives.  You can dip strawberries, marshmallows, cream puffs, pretzels or apples in the chocolate and much, MUCH more!
  • Sweet tables are very popular these days.  Think about accompanying  the cake with alternatives such as cream puffs, tarts and/or chocolate dipped strawberries. This is a great way to please all the different sweet tooth’s at your wedding.

  • Set one small cake at each guest table instead of a centerpiece. This is a unique and edible centerpiece for each table!
  • Cake pops and cupcakes are great alternatives or additions to your sweet table!  Cake pops and cupcakes can also save money on the cake cutting fees if your venue or caterer charge for that service.
  • Looking to save a little money? Have only the top layer of your cake real, the rest made of Styrofoam, and then serve a less expensive sheet cake. This way you can have a beautiful cake for presentation while keeping your costs down.
  • Cake table décor is also important!  Incorporate old photographs of the bride and groom and/or ancestors for a vintage-looking table cloth for the cake table.
  • Make your cake topper unique to you by using figurines that show your personalities. .     Some companies will even specially make figurines in your likeness.  Also monograms are popular or team/school mascots for the sports fans.

  • If you are superstitious, make sure that the bride is the first to cut into the wedding cake. The Romans believed it was an omen of happiness and good-fortune.
  • If you and your groom have very different tastes, try two small his-and-her cakes, the Bride’s cake being white and fancy and the grooms ‘tuxedo style’ in a black and white.
  • Grooms cakes are popular in the South and they allow the groom to show off his personality and have a big say in a part of the wedding. If the groom has a passion for football, why not have a fun football shaped cake. Or perhaps he loves fishing, how about a whimsical fish-shaped cake. Have these surround the actual wedding cake. This can be fun and a great conversation piece.
  • Another Southern tradition is a cake pull.  Small metal figures representing the future fortunes are tied to a string.  Each bridesmaid pulls a string and gets a charm.  Charms typically represent the next to get married, have a baby, long life, travel, etc.

  • Looking for a personal touch? Add more meaning to the cake moment by personally serving a piece to one another parents after you’ve fed each other.


Mar 042014

Chandelier Wedding Cakes and Hanging Centerpieces

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Some of this year’s hottest trends include hanging chandelier cakes and hanging centerpieces. We think they’re pretty gorgeous to look at but can’t imagine the time and effort that goes into them! Just look at all the detail and special touches each cake has and then think of adding an element of being suspended from a ceiling! Suspended wedding cakes are usually held up by a specialty swing-like suspension from the ceiling. Here are some photos of realistic hanging wedding cakes that are not only gravity-defying but also sure to impress all your guests! We think they’re beautiful, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We’ve even seen hanging cupcakes, which we thought were pretty darn cute if done the right way!

Another breathtaking trend that is extremely popular is hanging centerpieces above the wedding reception tables. They can be hugely ornate or simply chic, it’s up to the bride. We love this trend and think it’s going to be one that will stay! Here are a few photos to show off some of these beautiful centerpieces. Tell us what you think about these two gravity-defying trends!

Nov 182013

14 Wedding Cake Trends for 2014

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The trend in 2014 for weddings is any thing goes….throw the rules out the door and have fun with planning  your wedding.

Wedding cakes and sweets are also following this trend by going further and further away from the traditional wedding cake.  Luckily, the wedding cake bakers in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas are up for the challenge of stepping out of the cake pan and going with the nontraditional wedding cakes.   One thing that has definitely made a difference in the wedding cake category is not having a wedding cake….but we will get to this popular trend later!


Wedding Cake Trend #1

Bright colors!  Brides and grooms are choosing to dye their cake colors to match their wedding colors or to give their cake an extra pop of color.  Since dye does not effect the flavor of the cake…be creative with the color if you want to be!

Bright Cake Colors


Wedding Cake Trend #2

Butter cream frosting!  Butter cream tastes wonderful and is always a huge guest favorite.  Skilled cake bakers can make beautiful butter cream cakes but keep in mind that many butter cream cake designs are limited.  Butter cream is not fondant.  Fondant is great for creating the opulent flowers and decorations you see on many wedding cakes.  Butter cream cakes usually don’t have more then 3 or 4 layers!

Butter Cream Frosting


Wedding Cake Trend #3

Cake table displays.  So this might not be about the cake itself…but the over the top cake display is definitely trending in weddings.  Brides and grooms are wanting to wow their guests with their creative side in creating the jaw dropping cake display.   Many cake bakers are embracing this trend and offering the options to their brides!

Cake Table Displays


Wedding Cake Trend #4

Non-white wedding cakes.  Long are the days were brides feel like they have to pick a white wedding cake!  Brides and grooms are getting creative with color and the wedding cakes are seeing the trend! The wedding cake has always been a decoration and focal point at many weddings – now it is used to tie in the theme.

Non-White Wedding Cakes


Wedding Cake Trend #5

Fresh flowers.  We love the simple and elegant look of incorporating fresh flowers on the wedding cake.  This trend has been used for years but it coming back in popularity with many brides in 2014!

Fresh Flowers


Wedding Cake Trend #6

Individual Wedding Cakes.  “Mini” everything is in right now!  Mini appetizers, mini entrees and even mini wedding cakes!  Don’t let this be confused with cupcakes because the baking, decorating, and serving process is different!

Individual Wedding Cakes


Wedding Cakes Trend #7

Metallic Wedding Cakes.  In conjunction with the metallic wedding themes in 2014….metallic wedding cakes are also trending.  Picking sliver, gold, bronze, or rose gold as an accent color or part of your wedding pallet is popular.  Using that concept in your cake design is also becoming popular on the cake stand.

Metallic Wedding Cakes


Wedding Cake Trend #8

Multiple wedding cakes.  Cant decide on a flavor?  Then choosing to do multiple wedding cakes might be the wedding trend for you.  The trick to having multiple wedding cakes it to keep the designs simple, but different so they compliment one another.  You also want to have different sizes or layers so the table has a depth about it.  You can also achieve this by using different sized cake stands.

Multiple Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Trend #9

The Naked Cake.  Maybe you don’t have a sweet tooth?  The naked cake might be a great option for you.  This cake has zero frosting on the outside for the cake, but a frosting, cream or fruit is between the layers.  Many naked cakes having fruits and berries that are used for decoration on the cake.

The Naked Cake

Wedding Cake Trend #10

The ombre cake.  Obmre has been a trend in weddings and in popular culture with hair, nails, fabric and now in wedding cakes.  It is a simple concept of going from dark to light or light to dark int he same hue of color!

Ombre Cake

Wedding Cake Trend #11

The opulent cake.  Sometimes less is not more.  The opulent wedding is coming back into style where everything seams to be bigger, bolder and more over the top!  If you are going to splurge….your wedding is the time to do it.  There are not many days or events in your life where going over the top is normal!

The Opulent Cake

Wedding Cake Trend #12

The small desserts table.  One trend in wedding cakes in 2014 is not to have a wedding cake.  Many brides and grooms are opting for the small desserts consisting of cookies, macaroons, pies, candies and other small bites!

Small Desserts Table

Wedding Cake Trend #13

The wedding candy table.  Like small desserts, the wedding candy table is popular.  This is also being used as the guest gift option at many weddings.  How the wedding candy table works is different candies are displayed in clear glass containers and bowls in conjunction with the wedding colors and/or theme.  Small boxes or bags are offered to the guests to they can pick out the sweet treats they like!

The Wedding Candy Table

Wedding Cake Trend #14

Wedding cupcakes.  Made popular several years ago, wedding cupcakes are here to stay.  They offer a lot of flexibly to the bride and groom and cut down out the “cake serving” function of the wedding!

Wedding Cupcakes



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