Oct 182012

2013 Wedding Dress Trends – Color

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The runways in New York City’s Bridal Fashion Week were filled with color this year.  Many of the wedding dress top designers had collections that included colors other then white.  Wedding dress in red, pinks, purples, and blacks where most common.  We are starting to see a trend with older and second time brides – they are choosing colored wedding dresses to wear down the isle!

The important thing for any bride to remember it is your day – you can do anything that you want! The most common trend in weddings in the Jacksonville area….is there are no more rules.  We do live in the south and many trends take a couple years to trickle down to us, but non-traditional weddings are starting to make a bigger statement!

Check out these wedding dresses that were featured on the fashion runway!

Vera Wang


Alfred Angelo


Rosa Clara


Grace Michelle


Maggie Sottoro

Jul 272012

Something Borrowed Bridal Boutique

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Friendly, helpful, reasonably priced, service oriented and flexible hours.

Stop into Something Borrowed Boutique, a bridal salon and alterations in St. Augustine Florida!  They have been proudly helping brides find their perfect gowns in North Florida for over 2 years!

We asked the owner to why she loves what she does, she said; “Each bride that comes to our boutique and says I’ve been looking for a certain style gown for sometime now and I can’t find the right one. Then I ask her to just try this style dress which is not the style she has been seeking. She puts on  the different style gown I chose which is right for her body type and says “OMG this is my gown I would of never chosen this style, bit I love it is perfect” She leaves with her perfect gown, a big smile on her face and extra money saved in her budget.”

When should a bride contact Something Borrowed Bridal Boutique? When the Bride is looking for the perfect gown that is unique.

Do you offer any other products or services?  Gowns and alterations. We custom and restyle gowns for our customers.

At Something Borrowed Bridal Boutique, they provide unique products and services at great prices and have evening and weekend appoints available.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: 904-687-8928
Address: 75 King Street #113, St Augustine FL 32084

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Jul 102012

Wedding Dress Trends this Season in Jacksonville

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What are the popular wedding dress trends in Greater Jacksonville this season and across the country?  This season multiple layers in the wedding dress and textures of different fabrics are all the rage.  Brides to be are choosing to go the romantic wedding dress route that have multiple flowing layers in soft fabrics such as chiffon, tulle or organza.  We are also seeing a beaded and crystal bodices, delicate ruffles, lace sleeves and floral details on the neck line and on the skirt.

Brides are loving open and dramatic backs on their wedding dresses, deep V-Necks and visible hemlines.

We are also seeing the same dress version in ballgown and tea-length styles.  Brides are getting daring out stepping outside of the traditional comfort zone in the length and color of her wedding dress!



Jun 202012

Short Wedding Dresses

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Brides, a hot new trend is going short on your wedding dress!

Depending on the theme or look you are going for on your wedding day, a short dress might be a great choice.  Brides who are going after the “vintage 50’s or 60’s” look – made popular by the “Mad Men” TV show, are going short!

Another reason to go short is if you are having a second look.  Brides who love to dance or are having an outdoor wedding in the summer simply choose short for comfort!

Also consider looking at the short dresses for the rehearsal dinners or your bridal showers.

Short wedding dresses can be fun and sexy or simple and sophisticated!  There are plenty of designer and many choices to choose from when finding your perfect dress for your perfect wedding day!

Here are some of our favorites we wanted to share with you!

Designer: Amsale

Desinger: Amsale


Designer: Carol Hannah

Designer: Elizabeth Filmore


Designer: Justin Alexander

Designer: Lea Ann Belter


Designer: Marchesa

Designer: Marchesa


Designer: Matthew Christopher

Designer: Modern Trousse


Designer: Monique Lhuillie

Designer: Oscar de la Renta


Designer: Reem Acra

Designer: Rivini


Designer: Sarah Jassier

Designer: Simone Carvalli


Designer: Victoria Nicole


For wedding dresses in the Greater Jacksonville and Greater St. Augustine Area check out these locations!

Love A Bridal Boutique

Bridals & More

Black Tie Formals

May 202012

Differnt Bridesmaids Different Bodies

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Here is a thought…you pick the color and let your bridesmaids pick the most flattering style according to their body type!  Many bridal salons in the greater Jacksonville area can easily help you out with the this.  Typically the same designer will have a couple different styles of dresses that can compliment each other.  It is important for the entire bridal party to place the order at one time so all of the dresses are cut from same bolt of fabric – this will ensure that the colors will be spot on!

Here are some suggestions for the different sized bridesmaids in your wedding party.

The Pear Shape Bridesmaid

Choose a dress with a sweetheart neckline.  You want to minimize the hips and accentuate the tiny torso, chest and arms.

For the pear shape bridesmaid













The Curvy Bridesmaid

Pleating, rousing, and a v-neckline are compliment curvy shapes.

For the Curvy Bridesmaid













For the Full Busted Bridesmaid

Select a dress with a wrap front and/or a cap sleeve or a one shoulder dress can also minimize the bust.

For the busty Bridesmaid













For the Petite Bridesmaid

Small framed bridesmaids love strapless knee length dresses with clean lines

For the Petite Bridesmaid













wedding veils Hampshire


May 202012

The Meanings Behind the Colors

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Color symbolism and the use of color represents cultural, religious ideas, concepts and evokes feelings and physical reactions.  Think about what colors you want to incorporate into your wedding and what those colors mean.  Do they represent you as a couple?

Diamond White – Bright white is associated with purity and privileged.

Ivory – Elegant, old world and soft spoken

Champagne – Rich, Conservative and it has a slightly vintage feel

Lavender –  Soft, Dainty and ladylike.  A popular color for traditional weddings

Pink – Happiness, playfulness, femininity, and a sense of fun.  It symbolizes universal love and is a very popular wedding color. It is an innocent, sweet and soft color.

Hot Pink – Energized

Red – Passionate, dramatic, and romantic.  Couples who select this color have outgoing and confident personalities.  In the Asian culture, red is the color of eternal joy and prosperity. The bad side of red…blood, war, danger, fire and anger.

Orange – creative, vital and warm love.  Orange is the color of power.  This color is chosen by couples who love life and are not afraid to share their energy with others.

Yellow – Optimism, cheerfulness, strong appreciation for friendship and wise love.   It is a happy and hopeful color.  Because it is close to gold, it is a symbol of wealth.  The bad side of yellow…emergency, cowardice, deceit and hazard.

Gold – Lavishness, luxury, warmth and tradition

Aqua – fun-loving, fresh and vibrant.  This s a favorite of beach brides and tropical weddings.

Royal Blue – Grand, traditional, and casting an eye toward and idealized past.  Associated with Cinderella and happily-ever-after.

Blue – signifies true, sincere love and faithfulness.  It also represents the sky, ocean and twilight.  In Ancient Egypt blue represented heaven. Blue is recommend and versatile!  The bad side of blue….depression, loneliness and sadness.

Navy – ultra classic, preppy wedding.

Purple – associated with royalty, challenging, mysterious, glamorous and grown-up.  Purple is the color of good judgement and peace of mind.

Silver – wealth, glamor and sophistication

Grey – Modern, sleek, and understated

Chocolate Brown- Confidence, sincerity and stability.  Brown makes you feel comfortable, warm and cozy.  It is the color of the earth .  The bad side of brown….it is dull.

Green – Modern sensibility,  inventive, wealth, fertility, healthy and balanced love.  Now associated with and environmentally-conscious wedding couples.  The bad side of green…greed, jealousy and envy.

Black – Sophisticated, mysterious, assertive, modern, sexy  and nostalgic.  Black never goes out of style and it is usually paired with white or lighter colors.   The bad side of black…it represents evil, darkness and death.

Popular Wedding Colors



May 182012

Bridal Dress Neck Lines

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Looking for the perfect wedding dress in Jacksonville, Florida? When trying to find the perfect wedding dress you need to decide on what elements you would like to have with your dress. One important element in selecting your wedding dress is the neckline. Here are some helpful pictures and definitions of possible necklines;
Beteau – Curves downward slightly below the collarbone to the edge of the sholder
Halter – collar wraps around the neck, typically with a low-cut back
Illusion Yoke – Transparent fabric, lace or netting fitted at the neckline, extending to the bust line
Jewel – Like a t-shirt a high, rounded neckline usually falling above the collar bone
Off-The-Shoulder – frames the face, neck and shoulders by falling just below the shoulders and across the bust line
Portrait – an off-the-shoulder style folds around the shoulders like a fitted and structured shawl
Queen Anne – a heart-shaped neckline in the front combined with a collar-like back
Sabrina – Similar to a beateau, begins two inches in from each shoulder and curves gently downward below the collarbone
Scoop – low and rounded with a “U” shape
Spaghetti Straps – Thin Straps that can be straight across or shaped
Square/Court – low, like the scoop, but with a squared shape
Strapless – No straps – can be straight across or shaped
Sweetheart – dips a hear shape at the bust line
V-Neck – Dips to a “V” in the center
Wedding Band – Has a band that circles the neck

Can’t decide which neckline will look the best on you? Visit one of our bridal salons and the professionals that work there will help you pick the neckline that gives you the greatest compliments!

Neck Lines for Wedding Dresses

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