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Personalized, One-On-One Experience at Rachel Ann Bridal Boutique

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Rachel Ann Bridal & Formalwear is a bridal boutique located in Flemming Island, Florida that offers a personalized hour and a half one-on-one experience for each and every appointment made. It all started with a mother and daughter duo who both have a passion for beautiful gowns and more importantly, bridal gowns. They understand the importance of finding the bride’s dream wedding gown, which is why each of their consultants is well-informed and knowledgeable of all things bridal. We spoke owner, Rachel Ann Walker, about her boutique and love of bridal gowns and here is what she had to say……

What made you decide to work in the wedding industry? I’ve always had a passion for bridal gowns since I was a little girl. I dreamed of becoming a wedding dress designer all my life.

What do you love the very most about what you do? Finding that perfect dress and seeing the new bride-to-be fall in love with her dress.

Tell the brides-to- be your best wedding advice. Just remember it is only 4 hours of your entire life. Things will go wrong but just enjoy yourself and don’t stress or try to micro-manage every issue.

What is your most favorite wedding trend right now? Colors for a wedding gown.  I love brides who are willing to step away from tradition and wear something unique to show their personality.

What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry? I don’t just sell you a wedding gown. I give you a dress shopping experience for you to remember. I also help my brides with any planning issues they may be having.


How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding? I would recommend a bride allow 4 – 6 months to purchase their gown and allow time for any alterations that need to be made.

What are 5 adjectives that describe you and/or your business? Elegant, personable, friendly, helpful, stress-free


Name of Business:  Rachel Ann Bridal & Formalwear

Category of Business:  Bridal Boutique, Bridal Attire & Accessories

Contact Information:

  • Phone Number: 904-458-4244
  • Address: 4465 US Hwy 17, Ste 8, Fleming Island, FL 32003
  • Website:
  • Facebook Link:



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Four Steps To A Seasonal Wedding You’ll Fall in Love With

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Wedding trends change with the seasons, and we adore the crisp, romantic scene that an autumn-themed celebration sets. This year, everything from leave-stolen colors, garden-inspired cakes, and wistful decor has us truly falling head over wedding shoes.

  1. The Colors

Leading the way in color themes are power pairs like navy and marsala, orange and beige, and plum and grey. What pairs like this accomplish is the perfect mix of mood and seasonality. Darker hues invoke the natural changes occurring outside, and the cooler pastels bring elegance and romance to the fall-inspired palette. Brighter shades like orange add just a touch of playfulness so characteristic of this pumpkin-picking season.

  1. The Fashion

One of the best, most effective and attractive ways to incorporate these colors on your wedding day is through the bridal party’s fashion choices.

For the bride, choose an off-white, more beige or ivory gown to create a deeper Victorian palette. Two-piece separates are also trending thanks to colder temperatures, with some brides opting for beautiful cashmere sweaters that match with full-length skirts.

For the bridesmaids, consider creating a tasteful, fall rainbow out of the deeper purples and reds, their dresses changing hues as subtly as the leaves on the trees. Let them choose the fall color that they love most out of a number of options from online rentals like Vow To Be Chic’s, which make it easy with seasonally-curated lines based on style and color.

Allow the groomsmen to have the same choices, and coordinate with accents like ties and pocket squares that mirror the colors of the bridesmaid dresses. The Black Tux is an option worth looking into with their wedding line of rental tuxedos and suits that come in trendy colors.

  1. The Decor

When making decor decisions, think whimsical and rustic, and steal ideas from the ever-popular barn wedding trend. Signs should be personalized and complete with wispy calligraphy and garland borders.

Generally speaking, flowers and greenery that invoke the fall color trends are your friend. Wild rather than perfectly-arranged bouquets are King, and dahlias are the petal princess. Popular choices for tabletops include succulents, eucalyptus, and bay leaf branches. In lieu of blooms, we’ve also seen berries like raspberries and hypericum used for color.

Tall candles and leaf-covered branches are also on trend thanks to the one-two fall romance punch they pack.

Essentially, let your decor capture the spirit of the autumnal outdoors.

  1. The Food & Dessert

Fall wedding cakes are taking cues from the season’s humility with smaller cakes made with more subtle tiers sans grand toppers. Texture trumps fondant designs and sugar flowers, and greenery accents are delicately placed around the tiers as if they grew there. We also adore the translucent cake trend, where there is a thin veil of frosting that allows some of the bare cake to peek through, like a coating of fall morning dew. Dressed up with visible drizzles of caramel and you have the perfect fall indulgence that functions as a statement piece of decor.

If you’re worried that a smaller cake won’t cut it for all your guests, supplement with a seasonal favorite — pies! Make them mini for added charm and serving ease.

One of the best ways to personalize your reception and create a truly unique experience for your guests is through the food, and this season couples are leveraging what’s local and seasonal, no matter the type of station they have set up. We love the idea of a farmhouse-style gathering to add even more rustic appeal.

What fall wedding trends have you seen and loved this year? Let us know!

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Gown and Garter Bridal Boutique is a custom styling studio; specializing in Bridal and Special Occasion Gowns. The boutique is located on Jacksonville’s Westside, providing a unique experience in Bridal shopping. Gown & Garter’s mission is to ensure you have the wedding gown or special gown of your dreams. We spoke with the owner, Pam Wilcox, about her boutique and here is what she had to say.


What made you decide to work in the wedding industry?

I fell in love with the wedding experience as a preteen and it never left. I was 12 or 13; my uncle had a very large southern wedding. Here is his bride wearing this white gown and all these ladies (my mother & aunts and her friends) are dressed in these beautiful long lavender pleated gowns and tea cup hats surrounding her. I was hooked on the glamour of weddings.


What do you love the very most about what you do?

I have a deep love and appreciation for the beauty in wedding gowns. In my humble opinion, a wedding gown is a representation of love. My goal is for every Bride to walk away feeling and saying, “I love me in this gown!”


Tell the brides-to- be your best wedding advice.

Breathe. When it gets down to that magic hour, the only thing that matters is the look on your significant others face and second you’re able to hold their hand and say, “I do!”  That’s it, nothing else matters. Remember to breathe and take it all in. Be present.


What is your most favorite wedding trend right now?

What I am finding now Brides are straying away from traditional gown and going creative. I love it!! I am working with a bride who wants a yellow gown with a unique silhouette.


What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry?

Gown & Garter is looking at the present, the OtisJames Bride line, focus is to embrace and love all Brides’ beauty and curves.  In an industry where women are made to feel that they must confirm to the dress, let the dress be made to confirm to you. It’s all about you. It’s just that simple.


What is your favorite product or service that you offer brides? Please describe it.

I love gowns from weddings to special occasions. I love the way the right dress makes you feel wearing it. The topper is the look your significant other gives you when they feel your confidence.


Do you offer any other products or services?

Not only do we offer designer and custom gowns, we offer special occasion gowns, flower girl dresses, men’s dress shirts in array of colors, custom garters, lingerie, veils and accessories.We also host OtisJames Bride. This is a bridal gown line almost exclusively for curvy Brides. Gown and Garter also host a monthly Wedding Planning Workshop. It’s a 4 hour intensive workshop on focusing your Bride Style throughout your wedding.


How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding?

A Bride or anyone desiring a special made gown should reach out to Gown&Garter at least 4 to 6 months. If it is a designer gown, delivery will take 8 to 12 weeks. With custom gowns the process is similar but usually 8 to 10 weeks, which includes the consultations.


How long have your been doing what you do?

For over 4 years I was a wedding planner and it was a great experience but I always seem to focus more on the details of the gown and what everyone was wearing. I decided to focus on wedding gowns! I was always curious about the design and construction of the gown.


What are 5 adjectives that describe you and/or your business?

Custom, Unique, Customer-Centric, Fashion Forward and Passionate


Contact Information:

An array of gorgeous gowns for many occassions

Beautiful shoe selection

Large Selection of dresses for many different body types

Flower Girl dresses available

Large Dressing Rooms

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Affordably Priced Wedding Dresses at Heirloom Bridal

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Aside from her glow, a bride’s gown is the centerpiece of her special day. When choosing a wedding dress, many factors come into play. Style, fabric, color, size and often most importantly, cost. Budget conscious brides can find a gently used wedding dress for a fraction of the gown’s original retail price. While most bridal gowns are only worn once, some ‘used’ dresses were never even worn once but still cannot be classified as new.

Located in Jacksonville Beach, Heirloom Bridal, is a wedding dress consignment shop with affordable prices for the budget conscious bride that offers a unique shopping experience. They carry new, sample, and once wed bridal dresses. We spoke with owner, Erica Almonte-Wiggins, about her shop and her is what she had to say…..

What do you love the very most about what you do? We love to help brides find their dream dress below retail cost. We also want to create a stress atmosphere for dress shopping.

Will you be on-site during the entire reception until the very end? Yes, I offer my services to assist brides with their dress on their wedding day.

Tell the brides-to- be your best wedding advice. Don’t bring a huge group with you when dress shopping, have a budget, be open minded and try on different styles.

What is your most favorite wedding trend right now? One of the wedding trends we love now are intricate hair pieces and veils. Also, lace wedding dressing with beautiful detail and low backs.

What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry? Stress free and affordable wedding dress shopping.

What is your favorite product or service that you offer brides? Please describe it. We provide beautiful wedding dresses at 50%-70% off retail.

Do you offer any other products or services? We offer bridal accessories and styling if needed.

How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding? I would say at least a month before the wedding in case alterations are needed.

What are some of your specialties? Our specialty is customer service and creating a stress free experience for our brides.

How long have your been doing what you do? Over five years.

What are 5 adjectives that describe you and/or your business? Friendly, reliable, trustworthy, beautiful, and affordable.

What is the most unique thing you have ever seen at a wedding? We once had a map for a bride’s bustle! She had three layers of dress and we had to bustle each one. It took us about a half hour to bustle her dress after the ceremony.

If you are a bride-to-be, we hope you will come visit our store to see our inventory and the gorgeous gowns we have to offer……At a fraction of the retail price!


Aug 192016

Mismatched Bridesmaids; Find Dresses That Suit Each Girl’s Body

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You’ve asked your best girls to be your bridesmaids — and they said “yes!” Now for the tricky part: dresses. These ladies are your dearest friends, sisters, and sisters-to-be; you chose each for her own special reason, so why put them all in the same exact cookie-cutter dress? Nowadays, it’s on trend to work with your bridesmaids to find dresses that suit each girl’s body type, skin tone, hair cut, signature style, and personality…..Not to mention, this generally makes for a very happy and comfortable bridesmaid!

The Basics of Mixing and Matching

The idea behind mixing and matching up your bridesmaid dresses is that all your girls will coordinate, but not match. In general, you could mismatch in terms of color, style, or length. Changing up one or more of these in each dress not only adds visual interest to your bridal party in photos, but your bridesmaids will be ever-grateful to you for letting them have a say in how they outfit their own body. However, it is definitely imperative to lay down some ground rules. These rules could be as open-ended as “Find a dress with some type of lace on it” or as refined as “Here are two dresses; pick one.”

Though each girl will be dressed differently in some capacity, you’ll still want these ladies to look like they belong together. Make sure each dress has at least one common element for a cohesive overall look. To maintain this togetherness, your bridesmaids might:

•           Wear the same fabric

•           Wear the same color or color theme (ex: shades of blue for an ombré effect)

•           Wear the same dress with different necklines or waistlines

•           Coordinate the length of their dresses

•           Stick to a certain style (ex: bohemian, 1950s silhouette, etc.)

•           Wear accessories to tie them together (ex: shoes, necklaces, etc.)

Making the Trend Your Own

So what do you envision for your bridesmaids? Reach a firm decision before letting your girls know; you don’t want to tell them one thing, then switch directions after they’ve already started shopping. Once they hear what you have in mind, get some feedback — but stand firm as needed. Know when to say “no” and when to be lenient. After all, these are the most important ladies in your life — this should be a fun experience!

If you want things to be a bit more structured, there are some big-name bridal shops all over the country that offer many dress options in the color of your choice. Decide on a color, then have each girl visit her local shop to pick out a dress in that color. This is particularly helpful if your bridesmaids-to-be live in different cities; each can do her own thing on her own time, and unity is still guaranteed. If you’re in Jacksonville and looking for a bridal salon to help with this task, you should definitely visit Bridals & More, located on Beach Blvd. They have a wonderful selection of wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses…..Their staff is amazing also!

If you’re open to a more eclectic look, give your bridesmaids some loose parameters such as color, length, or vibe (more casual day dress vs. elegant eveningwear). A fun way to approach this is to create a group Pinterest board. Each girl can pin potential options and you can all weigh in and see how the dresses look side-by-side. If not a Pinterest board, at least have your girls run their options by you before they finally decide on a dress. And, if you feel strongly about it, make it clear up-front that you have the power to veto. In the end, you have to do what works best for you: your style, comfort level, venue, and your bridesmaids as a whole.

Jacksonville Wedding Coordinator, Cindy Vallely, owner of I Do…Wedding by Cindy featured this wedding on her blog. To see more gorgeous photos from this wedding click photo below.

Image via Style Me Pretty // Image by Lauren Peele














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Picking the Perfect Wedding Gown

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Even from a very young age, most girls are guilty of daydreaming about their wedding dress. We’re constantly bombarded with movies, TV, and photos of picture-perfect, iconic brides — just think of the Kate Middleton effect! And what makes these brides iconic? The dress. Although finding the right dress for your wedding day isn’t as easy as daydreaming, we’re here to help with these bridal gown basics. Luckily, in the Greater Jacksonville area, we have some amazing dress shops and even the most discerning bride can find their dream gown here!


So many styles…how do you choose?

Bridal attire ranges from extravagant princess gowns to tailored suits. That’s right — there’s no rule that says a bride must wear a fancy gown. This is the age when brides dress for their own comfort level and personal style, only more polished. Even so, most brides stick with a dress. The strapless style still reigns supreme, but the market has expanded in recent years to include gowns with all manner of straps, sleeves, and accessories. Since you are probably a Florida bride, keep in mind the time of year you will be getting married and what the weather might be like.  You want to be comfortable! You’ll see many dresses that are modest in the front and dramatic in the back. Dresses are also belted, have convertible or removable cap sleeves, and come in an array of bold and muted colors in addition to just white.


Fabric & Affordability

Satin, tulle, and lace are the most commonly used fabrics for wedding gowns, and the type of fabric you choose will greatly affect the price. If you’re dreaming of intricate, hand-stitched, Italian lace with delicate beading, the cost is going to rise. But these days it’s entirely possible to find designers that create gorgeous gowns with price points that suit the mainstream bride. The professionals at your local bridal salons in the Jacksonville area will be able to help you determine which fabric and details fit within your budget.


Starting the Search

Start by gathering ideas: Bridal magazines, like Premier Bride of Northeast Florida, wedding expos like Premier Bride Expo,  designer websites, and Pinterest are a great source as you start the hunt for your wedding dress. Compile the styles you like that suit the mood of your wedding. For example, is your wedding venue a rustic lodge, classic ballroom, or ultra-modern loft? Ask yourself: What kind of dress makes sense for the activities of the day?

Then make an appointment at your local bridal salon. Invite a trusted team of family and friends to join you. You don’t need an army — just a few close people you can count on to tell you the truth (sadly, not all gowns will be figure-flattering). Share your ideas for the type of gown you want with the professionals at the bridal salon, but keep an open mind.


Shapes & Sizes

Remember that no two brides are shaped alike, therefore no dress will ever accent your silhouette exactly the same way it does another bride’s body. When the time comes to try on gowns, explore a myriad of styles and cuts to figure out what works for you — you might be surprised! Note that bridal salons often carry only one sample size of each gown; try on these gowns even if they’re not your size — consultants are there to help you get in and out of sample sizes. If you’re nervous about the sizes available at your local bridal salon, give them a call. David’s Bridal carries each dress in every size so you will get an idea of a true fit, they might be a great place to start the dress look! Talking to a representative will ease your mind, and you’ll find that whether you’re full-figured or very petite, there have never been more options to accommodate brides of all shapes and sizes.

Try on Every Dress You Like…and Even Some You Are Not Sure About!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try on dresses that aren’t necessarily in your comfort zone. Many brides think they want one style and end up with another style. You never know what a gown will really look like until you try it on, and lots of brides end up choosing a style of gown they never even dreamed of. Remember that the gowns at salons are just samples, so the size won’t be tailored to you, and most dresses can be ordered in various shades of white. So just because you’re not crazy about that big blush dress on the hanger, try it anyway! What do you have to lose?


Working With a Professional Consultant

While at the salon, make sure to take advantage of your professional consultant’s knowledge and expertise. A good bridal consultant should steer you in the right direction, so communicate your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs as much as possible. It’s the consultant’s job to handle every step of your salon experience, including showing you every option within your price range. They can also coordinate alterations and other practical matters once you’ve found “the one.” If you’re not in sync with the consultant you’ve been dealt, don’t hesitate to ask to work with a different representative; every bridal salon’s goal is to give you an enjoyable experience.


Alterations & Fittings

Deciding on a gown is a major hurdle, but that’s not the end of the wedding dress “to do” list. There are usually as many as four fittings that follow saying “yes” to the dress. Here are some tips for making this process run as smoothly as possible: First, give yourself and the tailor sufficient time. If you’re in a rush, this is when working with a bridal salon can really help; it’s usually their job to make sure alterations run smoothly and on time. Second, choose a dress that’s very close to your actual size. Most gowns can’t be changed by more than two sizes, up or down. Buy a dress that fits the biggest part of you, not the smallest part; it’s easier to take a dress in to hug your figure than it is to let it out. If you’re not working with a salon and have to find your own tailor, choose a tailor that has a great reputation, not the lowest rate. Also, account for alterations in your budget.  Major alterations can cost hundreds of dollars, it also depends on the fabric and beading!


When the time comes for your first fitting, make sure you’re sporting the same undergarments and shoes that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. Even the slightest tweak in bra padding or heel height can change the way a dress hangs and where the hem falls. As you’re working with the tailor, trust that they know what they’re doing. You may ask them to make one alteration, and they might suggest an alternate way to achieve that look, or advise against it altogether. Know when to take a deep breath and leave certain decisions to the professionals — your stress levels will thank you for it.


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Wedding Shoes

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As little girls we were enthralled hearing the tale of Cinderella losing her glass slipper. As adults, we have no desire of  wearing a hard glass shoe but still swoon at the thought of our own prince charming

Since you don’t want to follow Cinderella’s poor choice of excruciating footwear, you might want to consider looking into a shoe a little more comfortable than glass. Nowadays, if you want a see thru shoe all you have to do is look shoes with a plastic top.


Choosing your wedding shoes wisely will be a decision you thank yourself for later on down the road. Yes those dainty lace shoes with the three-inch heel are adorable and would look great with your dress, but will your feet stand up to the pressure? Probably not. More than likely, if you have uncomfortable shoes you’ll end up going barefoot and setting those super cute shoes aside for most of the night   No one wants to ignore cute shoes either! This is where you might want to consider two pairs…a great pair of heals for the pictures then a pair of flats to be in the rest of the night.

Another consideration is a shoe with a slightly lower heel to them. This way you can still have heels on, but not so much to an extreme that you can’t walk because of the aching blisters on your feet. If you don’t happen to find a shoe that you like with a low heel consider flats! Flip flops or ballerina slippers are cute and comfortable for your special occasion.


High heels or flip flops…think about wearing them around the house so you don’t try to break them in the day of the wedding.    This will assure that you have comfortable footwear for your wedding. Sometimes wearing your shoes means that they’ll probably get dirty at some point.  By wearing them only in the house, it will help them keep clean.

Some brides prefer walking the path less traveled when it comes to bridal footwear. Wearing converse or your favorite sneaker has now become a popular trend, showing off your personality underneath the sea of white. These shoes will add the pop of color that you may be searching for in your ensemble. This is also a happy medium for a bride who wants something different but a family who wants to keep things traditional.

Another option for you if you’re getting married on the beach, is no shoes at all!  If you are having your wedding in Jax Beach, St. Augustine Beach or Fernandina Beach…bury your toes into the sand and seclude yourself in the moment. Instead of spending money on shoes, this means you can pamper yourself all the more with a stunning aisle worthy pedicure!

The Jacksonville area has many shoe shopping options; St. Johns Town Center, the Avenues Mall, Orange Park Mall and many cute boutiques in Avondale, St. Augustine and Amelia Island.  Our bridal boutiques also carry a wide variety of shoes….so check them first!


Now that you have an idea for your bridal foot wear, what’s your vision?

Mar 122015

One of the most popular wedding themes is vintage.   Vintage typically refers to a particular harvest or crop of wine, but can also mean pertaining to a high quality past time.  In this case, we mean the latter of the two.  Vintage wedding themes are taking the wedding industry by storm and they will be trending for years to come.  Considering that many of our favorite TV shows and movies have a vintage flair to it, we will continue to see weddings emulate those themes.  Premier Bride of Northeast Florida loves “vintage!”  We live in the South and we do vintage well.  Many of our reception venues in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas also cater to a vintage theme.  Let’s explore “vintage” on the First Coast.


One of the first things to check off your list is a wedding gown, and designers have caught onto the vintage bandwagon.  There are tiers of lace on gowns, along with sleeves, and sweet pearl details.  Along with strings of pearls adorning bride’s necks, birdcages are making a comeback, as well as bridal caps.  Detailed bodices and backs also give dresses a vintage feel.  Gloves and lace boots are also making their way back onto the wedding scene.  The bridal salons in Jacksonville have you covered if you are looking for a “vintage wedding grown”



With a vintage theme you have two really great options; a brooch bouquet or traditional flowers. You can indulge in a gorgeous brooch bouquet, which can be solely made up of vintage brooches from your grandmother, or from an antique store.  Or you can have a florist create vintage inspired bouquets and centerpieces to tie your theme together.  Vintage flower arrangements include a lot of greens.  There are also 3 main flowers that fit the era; roses, freesia and lisianthus.


Decor and Special Touches

You can be taken away in a vintage car, like a Rolls Royce, or swept away by carriage.  You might find yourself in a barn type wedding, adorned with chandeliers and mason jars all over.  Mason jars are extremely popular right now, and can be adorned with lace, or have pictures in them showing family.  Don’t be afraid to find some hat boxes to capture the vintage era you are going for in your wedding.  There are a lot of talented decor companies , rental companies and wedding planners on in the Jacksonville area that can make your vision a reality!



Jan 302014

The Wedding Loft is a full service bridal boutique and one-stop wedding planning studio located right here in Jacksonville!

Bridal Fashion, Ceremony Services, Flowers, Invitations and Calligraphy, Photography Comments Off on The Wedding Loft is a full service bridal boutique and one-stop wedding planning studio located right here in Jacksonville!

What do you love the very most about what you do? I love meeting people and helping them bring their dreams come true.

Will you be on-site during the entire reception until the very end? When we coordinate a wedding, we are there until all gifts are loaded in the designated guests’ vehicle.

How long have your been in business? 15 years

Tell the brides-to-be your best wedding advice.  Allow in your budget to hire a day of coordinator –no worries for you, your friends or your family.

What is your most favorite wedding trend right now?  Lace

What do you do that makes you stand out more so than others in your industry? A bride can come in our boutique and order their gown and plan their honeymoon and have everything in between covered- with one stop at our boutique.

What is your favorite product or service that you offer brides?  Please describe it. Full Service Boutique – the fact that brides are so busy with work and/or school, for them to save time and money by coming to us.

Do you offer any other products or services?  Accessories, Invitations, veils, jewelry, honeymoon planning, floral, decorations, linens, photography and catering.

Will you have an assistant during the wedding? Yes, we work in 2’s

How far in advance should a bride to be contact you before the wedding? As soon as they know their date they should contact us- we only do one wedding a weekend.

What are some of your specialties? David Tutera Mon Cheri Designer Gowns

What are 5 adjectives that describe you and/or your business?  Fun, Friendly, Accommodating, Knowledgeable

What is the most unique thing you have ever seen at a wedding?  I love the sign in method one of my brides used at her wedding. She used her family’s bible as a guest book where guests used highlighters and pens to highlight their favorite bible verse and then signed their name.

Contact Information:
















Oct 252012

Celebrity Wedding Dresses – In Color

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Color wedding dresses are trending in 2013 and celebrities are also following this trend.  We have gathered a collection of colored wedding dresses worn by celebrities!

Anne Hathaway in a Pink Valentino

Jessica Biel in Blush

Gwen Stefanie in Christina Dior hot pink

Elizabeth Taylor in Yellow Lace

Kelis in Green

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